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My Bestie & I/Main aur Meri Best Friend is a podcast-and-animation special series that brings two young friends together to discuss their secret aspirations, desires, dreams, and also express their thoughts, views, opinions, all the while comfortable in the knowledge that not only is this a safe space, but that each also stands to learn from the other, on life and lifestyle choices, ranging from career options to sexuality, the latest digital obsession to fashion tips. The conversations are structured around the key themes listed in Project UDAYA, Population Council's research study on youth and adolescents, and includes the topics of education, agency, livelihood, media & technology, sexual health & sexuality, and mental health, among others. The conversations between friends are conducted across the states of Uttar Pradesh & Bihar, encompassing a mix of semi-urban and rural youth.



The Little Film Series, stories of an invisible India, a monthly docu-feature series, commissioned by Nirantar's new feminist think tank The Third Eye.


Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs and Start-ups by Women Partners, In collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) 

The Her&Now Film Kit is a resource with which you can conduct a Her&Now film screening and a moderated discussion or workshop on gender and entrepreneurship. The Kit reaches out to civil society groups, educational institutions and facilitators working on entrepreneurship, in order to reach the following audiences: women and gender minorities, families and communities, as well as stakeholders and institutions. The toolkit is available here.



Women & Covid-19, a weekly special video & text series on how the pandemic has affected women in rural India, commissioned by Breakthrough India



Chambal Media spearheaded a street play-centric nation-wide campaign on misinformation during the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, in partnership with Facebook.



A monthly special video + essay series on how the use of surveillance technology has affected marginalised communities under Covid-19 and successive lockdowns in rural India, commissioned by IDP. 

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Chambal Media was commissioned to report on and produce environmental stories from the northern Indian heartland.

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As part of GNI's JERF program, Chambal Media will be producing COVID 19- themed impact stories.

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Chambal Media was commissioned to report on and produce public interest media content, especially on gender and rural development from the northern Indian heartland.

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Embarking on uncharted territories in the field of financial research, this is slated to be a one-of-a-kind, unique partnership with ambitions of building new IP in the knowledge domains concerning the Indian rural financial systems.

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